19 Oct 2017


Welcome to Captionable Fantasies. It is an archive collected by me containing over 2,600 images ready to use for captioning. You can use the images freely,  all I ask is you to make the captions good ones. I would also appreciate you adding, if all possible, a link to this blog if you use them.

What's it all about?

For a long while making erotic captioned images played a big role for me as I was undergoing my project that was ultimately to become almost 500 days in self imposed chastity. It felt good to imagine there was someone else involved, if nothing else than in the form of a woman in your computer screen.

At one point I got a girlfriend, who was understanding and kind enough to take control of my orgasms. Very quickly I noticed making chastity captions was becoming more and more difficult. It was hard imagining a situation where the woman in a picture says condescending and cruel things to me, when I had a wonderful woman, who says them to me in real life.

I kept collecting suitable images for caption making, or ones that could be photoshopped into such, in the hopes I would find the spark again, so to speak. Finally I realized not only that the day in question may never come, but also that I had managed to collect and photoshop over 1,300 of them. Since there is no way I can use all of them myself, I am giving them away for anyone to use.

Over time making these images has become a curious hobby of mine, partly because Tumblr is a never-ending cornucopia of material. After its creation the archive has kept on growing and at the moment, in October 2017, it contais 2,674 individual images.

The images can be found divided into five main categories under the title "Content" at the top of this page. After you get to the page containing the actual images click one, and then the arrow pointing to right until you see something you like, then click "save as". You know how it goes. 

I have published all the captioned images I have made on Chaste Fantasies, a separate picture blog of mine. Please visit it if you're interested of my work. The link can be found on the left-hand column, as well as links to my fiction blog, and to my chastity diary.

The photos in the archive

My approach when it comes to erotic captioning could perhaps be called over-ambitious. When I started making them I had a clear vision what I wanted. I didn't want them to be a wall of text with crude layout. I wanted them to look good, preferably with no one realizing the pictures were tampered with in any way.

I tried to create a catch in my images, and in most of them there is a lead-in, and a punchline. I have wanted them to tell a story in those few lines of text, even though I know it's hard thing to achieve. A story that would be consistent with the original photo in question. The idea was to make the images unexpected, witty, even funny.

The captionless photos found on this archive were all selected and created with that in mind. They all include, if the photo in question has allowed that, enough space both above and below the person speaking, for suitable captions. Most of the photos didn't include that from the beginning, and majority of them required a lot of photoshopping.

One thing I should point out as well is the fact that very small percentage of the photographs in my archive is actual porn or NSFW material. Many of them contain nudity, but I have made an effort to find also pictures that are completely innocent, but that could, if used in an inventive way, create a female led relationship type of situation.

I have wanted to create a sense of normal life in my images. I have wanted them to be something that could happen to me, or you. Therefore I have tried not to include in my archive pictures that are too clearly "poses", dramatic positions that are visually pleasing, but ones no woman in her right mind would be in everyday life.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via email (slaveboy071 at gmail.com) or using some of the mediums listed in the left-hand column. Hopefully you find my archive useful.